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Each book in this collection focuses on a specific area of leadership and managerial effectiveness and offers actions you can accomplish today to improve your impact. The books are easy-to-read and written by experts with real-world experience. Packed with involving activities that encourage thought and action, the books offer techniques that have been tried and proven effective in Fortune companies. Read each title from cover to cover or one action-at-a-time.

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Either way, you are sure to discover new and stimulating ways to unleash your best effort as a leader. Build the business. These actions focus on using the entire appraisal process effectively. Learn how to maintain a drop file of documents related to each employees performance, probe to identify the things employees feel good about, summarize what needs to be done, by whom and when, and more.

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Step 2: Observe and help them perform

Ollie Malone. View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description Upgrade your leadership skills quickly and easily and produce results in your organization with a lot less effort.

HR Basics for Managers Series

Define what performance management is all about. Determine your purpose for managing performance. Identify your current level of effectiveness. Ask others to evaluate your effectiveness. Ask others where they believe you should be.

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Performance management occurs in three phases. Before the Appraisal 8. Make sure your employees know what is expected of them. Clarify and document the most important goals. Make sure every employee has a set of goals. Meet with everyone in your organization to review objectives. Make sure employees know what and how. Encourage effective employee teamwork. Inform your employees of your drop file. Request feedback from other key individuals.

Training Topics

Develop a survey to gather information. Gather production reports and other indicators. Capture comments on employee performance.

Hold periodic meetings with your employees. Give your employees honest feedback.

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Let employees know what you see as their strengths. Modify goals to reflect current realities. Solicit feedback from others. Encourage employees to network. Ask employees what you can do to help them.

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Identify the point in time when performance started to decline. Discuss the performance decline with the employee. Celebrate milestones toward goal achievement. Keep a stash of small rewards. Recognize major employee accomplishments. Have a budget for small cash awards. Try to identify performance roadblocks immediately. Develop a budget for employee training.

Identify training opportunities in your company. Create workshops for common training needs.

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Use employees as training consultants. If leaders expect people to be accountable, they must model this behavior and take swift action when people fail to deliver results. Like any other essential leadership skills , managing accountability is a competency leaders can learn and improve upon. OnPoint offers training programs to help leaders develop this skill and many others. To learn more about our leadership development programs, take a moment to browse our program guide. Topics: Enhance Execution , strategy execution.

Get Your Free Consultation Today Get Started Here! Leadership Development Blog Subscribe to our blog Translate Strategy into Specific Objectives. Provide Accurate and Timely Information to Employees. Clarify Expectations and Head off Potential Problems. Even experienced employees may not know what to focus on unless these expectations are clearly articulated.

Avoid the pitfall of talking about an idea, but not agreeing to actions and accountability.