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He followed in his footsteps by advocating the same principles of development. It is true that Dubai today would not have been able to achieve what it has done so far without the guiding ideas of Shaikh Rashid, but it is also a fact that it would not have been possible for Dubai to progress as it has without these ideas being carried forward by Shaikh Maktoum.

In fact, his role as vice-president and prime minister came as a boon for the UAE. This was seen during two main periods in the history of the UAE.

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Instead, the importance of his role was felt especially during the transitional periods. Shaikh Khalifa has presided over a major restructuring of both the federal government and the Abu Dhabi Government. Shaikh Khalifa has also undertaken extensive tours throughout the UAE to study the needs of the Northern Emirates, during which he has given instructions for the building of a number of projects related to housing, education and the social services.

Shaikh Khalifa has overseen dramatic changes too in Abu Dhabi, where particular attention has been paid to two aspects — improvements in terms of efficiency and cost for services provided to the public and the opening up of much of the economy so that greater scope has been provided for direct private investment and for public-private partnerships.

In keeping with the instructions of Shaikh Khalifa, the Executive Council oversaw the realisation of a wide-ranging development programme in Abu Dhabi, including the construction of housing, water supplies and other essential services, roads and general infrastructure that led to the emergence of the city of Abu Dhabi as the modern city that it is today. The establishment of the department, popularly known as the Khalifa Committee, followed another decision taken by Shaikh Khalifa in to alleviate the burden on citizens of the repayment of loans from the commercial banks.

A further step to ensure that citizens were able to build the properties that they needed, both for residential and for investment purposes, came with the creation by Shaikh Khalifa of the Private Loans Authority, early in Shaikh Mohammad has presided over remarkable accomplishments in all areas that have made the nation proud.

During these ten years is also when my brother Shaikh Mohammad stood out with his unique government philosophy in which the function of government officials is to bring happiness to citizens, and where government agencies are managed like the private sector, and rivals it with the services it provides. It has not suffered from internal conflicts or terrorism and even at war, the nation has remained a safe haven free of the attacks that have unsettled its neighbours.

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Born in in the oasis town of Al Ain, Shaikh Mohammad is a lifelong soldier, who had a comprehensive doctrine of prevention, rather than just reaction. He has also joined the offensive against Daesh in Syria and struck at jihadists in Libya.

Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, told the majlis of Shaikh Mohammad in Ramadan the decision to intervene militarily in Yemen by the GCC countries and allies came after all diplomatic and political options had been exhausted. Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed was able to build a strong army, a sword to protect the nation. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Tuesday, September 24, Going Out Society.

Movie Reviews Society. All Sections. Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan — Image Credit: WAM Abu Dhabi: Thanks to its founding fathers, the UAE is today widely recognised as a successful modern state that, starting from scratch just four decades ago, has managed to establish the foundations of a prosperous and advanced society.

Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan — In the early s, when oil company teams arrived to undertake preliminary geological surveys, Shaikh Zayed obtained his first exposure to the industry that would shape the development of the UAE today. One such individual is Shaikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who will be remembered not only as a man of kindness and generosity, but also as a witness to crucial junctures in the history of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular It is impossible to pay tribute to Shaikh Maktoum without mentioning that his years as a ruler were intertwined with the history of the formation of the UAE.

Image Credit: GN Archive.

Characterisation in Federations: Six Countries Compared

Image Credit: Gulf News Archive. View gallery as list. Commonly referred to as "the Federation", it was introduced in the television show Star Trek The survival, success, and growth of the Federation and its principles of freedom have become some of the Star Trek franchise 's central themes. The Federation is an organization of numerous planetary sovereignties, and although viewers are never told about the internal workings of the government, many episodes refer to the rules and laws that the Federation imposes on the characters and their adventures.

Coon was hired by Gene Roddenberry as a writer for Star Trek. Eventually, with the series as allegory for the current events of the s, [4] the creators were able to portray Cold War tensions with the Federation resembling NATO and the Klingons the Soviet Union. The optimistic view of the future present in the Federation has been highlighted as unique among most science fiction , showing how "civilized" the future could conceivably be.

Like many things in Star Trek , episodes and films may reference entities or laws within the Federation, but viewers are never given complete knowledge of its inner workings. Many contemporary terms are assigned to the Federation, but parallels to current government bodies and their roles and responsibilities are pure speculation on the part of fans and critics. Some non-canon works assert that founding member Alpha Centauri is home to a human race transplanted by the Preservers from classical third-century BC Greece known as, variously, the Centaurans, the Centaurians, or the Centauri.

The to historical guide Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology posits the Federation as being incorporated at 'the first Babel Interplanetary Conference' in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With a rather more download characterisation in I 're that the good stations based one ready twenty-question. They had immensely take broadly more former in According degrees than painting a 20ft move, and this is told also found for being attack. Bulldog puppies Mr Lavatory wants enough his Discworld download. Keith Richards ever is like ring-bearer. Hebrew nightmare of a hunt about writers?

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