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It was all her fault. She was just too curious. Too excited.

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No messages. She shrugged, hiding the wince. Okay, maybe seventy percent better. She finished arranging the flowers and sat back down at the typewriter, wondering if Greg would ever step into the present and get a computer for this place. It was funny watching him try to use it. Like a Neanderthal trying to work an iPhone. He pointed to the report.

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She rolled her eyes. It may sound a little like a Masterpiece mystery, but you asked for details. And it makes the work fun. But there are so many things wrong with this, beyond that excessive prose.

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I just made you my assistant. Kylie shrugged. She worried her bottom lip. Consider this your first warning. If you feel the need to spice up the reports, spice them up. What does that mean? Is that like … probation? Greg threw up his hands. He was the easiest boss around, really.

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Maybe too easy. Hated a lot of rules. Expected her to govern herself. She had a knack for getting into sticky situations when left to her own devices. She pouted. You choose not to. Your handling of the menial shit around the office is acceptable. Your job is not getting shot at by serial killers.

His voice was harsh. It sounded like he was at the end of his rope. She sat back, stricken. He started to backpedal. I need this help to keep my little outfit chugging along, shipshape. Kylie had the urge to give him shit, but then she glanced at the pretty flowers and swallowed that back. He suddenly looked a lot older than his sixty-some years, his salt-and-pepper hair sticking up and baring the receding hairline he usually kept it combed over.

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She hated to think she was contributing to the graying—or losing—of his hair. So, she nodded. If you say so. Even if the mundane stuff drives me insane, I will stick to it. No life-or-death stuff. I promise. She kept plugging away at the report, feeling uneasy and depressed. And this was the first time Greg had really, seriously, slapped her hand.

It was more than like. And Greg was right. All jobs had bad parts. If she wanted to enjoy the many perks to being a private investigator, she just needed to learn how to stomach the bad moments. She draped herself over the typewriter, playing dead, and wondered if Greg would allow her to hire an assistant. This was cruel and unusual.

Her phone started to ring, and she pounced on it, eager to do anything but this infernal report. It was her mom.

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Kylie answered, ready to have a good, long conversation with her, like she usually did. Kylie smiled. Most of the time, her dinners amounted to stale cereal, but it was even worse now. Now, she had less of a reason to want to cook, being mostly one-handed. In fact, since that little roll in the hay—literally—three days ago with Mr. She trailed off when she peered out the window and glimpsed Linc walking down the sidewalk, toward the building in the dying light of day.

Speak of the devil. God, he was a hot devil.

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Her mom was right … he was a hunk. He just oozed pure male sexuality, so much that her tummy tightened more with every step he took. Kylie watched him, entranced, until it finally hit her, just what her mother had said. How did her mom do that? Or maybe her mom had a psychic connection to Linc. Hell yes. But him? With his muscles bulging beneath the arms of his rolled-up denim shirt, which was open at the throat a little to reveal a flash of his hard pecs… He was sex.

Pure, blatant sex.

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