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D-Day reference library – The D-Day Story, Portsmouth

Discover modern exhibitions in authentic warehouses as old as Bryggen itself. Learn about the treasures of the sea, our shared marine resources and life in Norwegian fishing communities through the ages. Trail for children, games and family activities, rowing boat and kayak hire. Small veteran boat runs from Bryggen every day during summer. In a beautiful setting facing the ocean, the museum gives visitors an insight into how people on the coast have lived and worked through the ages — from hunting to fishing and farming, from peat cutting to oil and gas.

Atlantic Wall: Axis Sea Defenses of France

Visit the fish farm by RIB boat or the oil and gas facilities at Kollsnes by bus. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Tripadvisor. The easily accessible and beautiful landscape makes the island a perfect destination for various outings, suitable for everyone. Starting at the museum, you will be able to see a WWII fighter plane and follow a guided tour of a complete torpedo battery from the Cold War. Descend 14 meters into the cannon well for a guided tour of the underground tunnels and exhibitions.

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The fortress was built as part of the Atlantic Wall in — by the German occupying forces to protect the seaward approach to Bergen. Fifth Army after troops move into Naples in their invasion and advance northward in Italy, on October 10, Lucian K. Truscott, Jr. Vesuvius spewing ash into the sky, erupting as a U. Army jeep speeds by shortly after the arrival of the Allied forces in Naples, Italy in A low-flying Allied plane sends German soldiers running for shelter on a beach in France, before D-Day in The fliers were taking photos of German coastal barriers in preparation for the upcoming June 6 invasion.

General Dwight D.

Fortress Europe: The Atlantic Wall Guns

Eisenhower gives the order of the Day. All of the men with General Eisenhower are members of Company E, d. American troops march through the streets of a British port town on their way to the docks where they will be loaded into landing craft for the D-Day assault in June of Rangers on a troop ship in an English port waiting for the signal to sail to the coast of Normandy. A section of the Armada of Allied landing craft with their protective barrage balloons head toward the French coast, in June of Smoke streams from a U.

Some of the first assault troops to hit the beachhead in Normandy, France take cover behind enemy obstacles to fire on German forces as others follow the first tanks plunging through the water towards the German-held shore on June 6, Members of an American landing party help others whose landing craft was sunk by enemy action of the coast of France.

These survivors reached Omaha Beach by using a life raft on June 6, Thirteen liberty ships, deliberately scuttled to form a breakwater for invasion vessels landing on the Normandy beachhead lie in line off the beach, shielding the ships in shore.

Nazi Mega Weapons S01E01 Atlantic Wall

The artificial harbor installation was prefabricated and towed across the Channel in Allied troops unload equipment and supplies on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, in early June of Tow planes and gliders above the French countryside during the Normandy invasion in June of , at an objective of the U.

Army Ninth Air Force.

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Gliders and two planes are circling and many gliders have landed in fields below. This image may contain graphic or objectionable content. An American soldier, who died in combat during the Allied invasion, lies on the beach of the Normandy coast, in the early days of June Two crossed rifles in the sand next to his body are a comrade's last reverence.

The wooden structure on the right, normally veiled by high tide water, was an obstruction erected by the Germans to prevent seaborne landings. Reinforcements for initial allied invaders of France, long lines of troops and supply trucks begin their march on June 18, , in Normandy.

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American dead lie in a French field, a short distance from the allied beachhead in France on June 20, American soldiers race across a dirt road, which is under enemy fire, near St. Lo, in Normandy, France, on July 25, Others crouch in the ditch before making the crossing. An American soldier lies dead beside water pump, killed by a German booby trap set in the pump in a French village on the Cherbourg Peninsula, on June 18, These five Germans were wounded and left without food or water for three days, hiding in a Normandy farmhouse waiting for a chance to surrender.

Acting on information received from a French couple, U.

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  • After a skirmish, the snipers were dealt with and the wounded Germans taken captive, in France on June 14, The dead German soldier in this June photo was one of the "last stand" defenders of German-held Cherbourg. Captain Earl Topley, right, who led one of the first American units into the city on June 27, said the German had killed three of his men.

    Helmets discarded by German prisoners, who were taken to a prison camp, in a field in Normandy, France in In the sky above the Netherlands, American tow planes with gliders strung out behind them fly high over windmill in Valkenswaard, near Eindhoven, on their way to support airborne army in Holland, on September 25, Parachutes open as waves of paratroops land in Holland during operations by the 1st Allied Airborne Army in September of Operation Market Garden was the largest airborne operation in history, with some 15, troops were landing by glider and another 20, by parachute.

    The haystack at right would have softened the landing for this paratrooper who took a tumble during operations in Holland by the 1st Allied Airborne Army on September 24, In France, an American officer and a French Resistance fighter are seen engaged in a street battle with German occupation forces during the days of liberation, August , in an unknown city.