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Trees and graphs are non-linear data structures, which allows for modeling things such as recommendation algorithms and social networks. Intermediate Python. Utilize comprehensions to manipulate large quantities of data, Python's OO system, how to approach error handling, external libraries and modules, and how to utilize a web framework in your application.

Python Fundamentals. Create and run simple Python programs, including working with the available data types, writing functions and classes, and much more.

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JavaScript: The Recent Parts. Get up to speed with new JavaScript features like tagged template literals, destructuring, iterators, generators, regex improvements and async await. Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3. TypeScript 3 Fundamentals, v2. TypeScript adds a powerful type system on top of your JavaScript to catch bugs before they happen and provides a superior developer experience for collaborative teams. Firebase with React, v2. Build full-stack applications leverging your React skills using Google's Firebase platform. Electron Fundamentals, v2. Use Electron to build native, cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies e.

Introduction to GraphQL. API Design in Node. Build and optimize SVG — the scalable graphics format for the web that can achieve impressively small filesizes for fast-loading websites! Design for Developers. Become self-sufficient for the entire process of execution from concept to design to implementation. You'll learn to execute the creation of complex and beautiful front-end experiences! Reactive Angular with NgRx. Use Angular with NgRx and RxJs to drastically simplify state management and flow control while cutting down on code volume.


Angular Core. Use the Angular CLI to quickstart our app and then build components, templates, routes, forms, and use ajax in Angular. Apply creative coding skills to real-world jobs like games, advertising, and installation artwork. Introduction to MongoDB. Learn to build schemas, structure models and query MongoDB to get the right data. You'll learn the core concepts of MongoDB to build production-ready applications!

Introduction to Node. Learn the foundations of Node. Advanced Elm. Learn how to organize and scale your Elm applications with authentication, css-in-Elm, 3rd party JS libraries, and more! Introduction to Elm, v2. Learn how to write applications with the Elm, the functional programming language, from the ground up! Learn how to deploy your next passion project online or your organization's next-generation client-side application with Amazon Web Services like S3, Route 53, CloudFront, and much more!

Intermediate React. Complete Intro to React v4.

Mastering Chrome Developer Tools v2. Master built-in dev tools to step through your code with the debugger, audit web page performance, debug Node. Building Custom Data Visualizations.

JavaScript Tutorial

Learn the visualization principles and process for building custom advanced data visualizations with D3. Data Visualization for React Developers. Learn the best practices on how to use D3. Learn to control simple hardware devices, read data from sensors, or create IoT projects with Johnny-Five library for Node. JavaScript Testing Practices and Principles. Learn the principles and best practices for writing maintainable test applications to catch errors before your product reaches the end user! Responsive Web Typography v2.

Learn how to implement web fonts and create a modern, scalable typographic system to give the best reading experience for desktop and mobile devices! Introduction to Data Structures for Interviews. Learn how to pass technical interviews by understanding the data structures you need to store and retrieve data efficiently in your everyday development. Webpack Plugins System. Learn the Webpack 4 plugin system, tour the Webpack source code and learn to build custom plugins and custom Webpack loaders. Web Performance with Webpack.

Make websites load instantly using Webpack for lazy loading JavaScript with code splitting, removing unused code with tree shaking and prefetching assets. Webpack 4 Fundamentals. Learn the core concepts of Webpack 4. Start from scratch by adding Webpack with npm and build up a pipeline with popular loaders from the Webpack ecosystem!

Javascript Tutorial

Complete Intro to Web Development, v2. Learn to solve algorithms and analyze them efficiently in both an interview setting and also in your day-to-day development. Serverless with AWS Lambda. Advanced GraphQL. Go beyond the basics to writing production-level, optimized GraphQL. Testing React Applications, v2. Advanced React Patterns. Simplify large React applications by separating your component logic, state and display properties to make React components more flexible and usable!

SQL Fundamentals. Learn SQL, the most popular language for storing, querying and analyzing the relational data that powers your server-side applications.

Content Strategy. Get your content under control with an effective strategy! Research, take inventory and create a messaging framework for a cohesive voice for your website.

JavaScript Performance. Write more efficient JavaScript, optimize rendering performance, load assets faster with a CDN, split loading resources with Webpack and more! Learning computer science makes you a better developer, makes your apps better, and allows you to answer difficult engineering interview questions.

Git In-depth. A deep dive into git, this course is for developers who use it every day and want to learn inner workings and use advanced techniques in git. Full Stack for Front-Ends Part 2. Deploy Node. Design APIs from the ground up using Node.

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Building Awesomer Apps with Angular. Learn Angular from the ground up.

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TypeScript Fundamentals. TypeScript combines modern JavaScript language features with a powerful and flexible type system, to make building high-performance and scalable apps easy! CSS In-Depth, v2. Master CSS Grid and Flexbox, the latest tools and tricks to layout beautiful, responsive web applications with less code. How many of you have learned a programming language, mastered it, and after a few years, its dead?