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Columns 2 through 5 must be specified in terms of this range. Phantom image, returned as an n -by- n numeric matrix. For any given pixel in the output image, the pixel's value is equal to the sum of the additive intensity values of all ellipses that the pixel is a part of.

License Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical The Phantom of the Opera

If a pixel is not part of any ellipse, its value is 0. The additive intensity value A for an ellipse can be positive or negative; if it is negative, the ellipse will be darker than the surrounding pixels. Note that, depending on the values of A , some pixels can have values outside the range [0, 1].

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Open Live Script. Suggested for outdoor activities where high color contrast is important, like hiking, glacier hiking, and trail running in environments with green and brown colors like fields, mountains, and trails. Great all around lens across all environments for everyday use in very bright and sunny conditions.

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Neutral color vision. Great for everyday use in very bright and sunny conditions for neutral color vision, moderate contrast, and enhanced comfortability due to elimination of high glare. Improves contrast, visibility, and reduction of glare from asphalt on the road. Great in very bright and sunny conditions for high contrast and comfortability. Suggested for outdoor activities where color contrast is important, like on the trail or the water.

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Great in sunny and slightly overcast conditions. Polarization eliminates high glare conditions on the road or the water. Suggested for outdoor activities where color contrast is important, like off-road and trail activities in environments with red and brown dominant colors.

Great in sunny and slightly overcast conditions for mostly neutral color vision and contrast.