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You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Moritz Cantor and Vito Volterra gave the two plenary lectures at the start of the congress. During the congress in Cambridge , England, Edmund Landau listed four basic problems about prime numbers , now called Landau's problems. The congress in Toronto was organized by John Charles Fields , initiator of the Fields Medal ; it included a roundtrip railway excursion to Vancouver and ferry to Victoria.

This resulted in a still unresolved controversy as to whether to count the Strasbourg and Toronto congresses as true ICMs.

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The congress was attended by 3, participants. The American Mathematical Society reported that more than 4, participants attended the conference in Madrid, Spain. The King of Spain presided over the conference opening ceremony. The Congress took place in Hyderabad, India , on August 19—27, The Congress took place in Rio de Janeiro on August 1—9, The organizing committees of the early ICMs were formed in large part on an ad hoc basis and there was no single body continuously overseeing the ICMs.

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Under the IRC's pressure, UMI reassigned the congress from Stockholm to Strasbourg and insisted on the rule which excluded from the congress mathematicians representing the former Central Powers. The exclusion rule, which also applied to the ICM, turned out to be quite unpopular among mathematicians from the U.

The ICM was originally scheduled to be held in New York, but had to be moved to Toronto after the American Mathematical Society withdrew its invitation to host the congress, in protest against the exclusion rule. In the face of the protests against the exclusion rule and the possibility of a boycott of the congress by the American Mathematical Society and the London Mathematical Society , the congress's organizers decided to hold the ICM under the auspices of the University of Bologna rather than of the UMI.

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At the ICM there were again no participants from the Soviet Union, although quite a few were invited. Similarly, no representatives of other Eastern Bloc countries, except for Yugoslavia, participated in the congress. Andrey Kolmogorov had been appointed to the Fields Medal selection committee for the congress, but did not participate in the committee's work.

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  • The telegram thanked the organizers for inviting Soviet mathematicians but said that they are unable to attend "being very much occupied with their regular work", and wished success to the congress's participants. The Soviet Union was represented by five mathematicians at the ICM in Amsterdam, and several other Eastern Bloc countries sent their representatives as well. Soviet mathematicians invited to attend the ICMs routinely experienced difficulties with obtaining exit visas from the Soviet Union and were often unable to come.


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